7 Preventive Tips To Keep Your Truck In Its Best Condition

Whether you bought a used truck for sale in Singapore, land on a new lorry, or have been owning one for several years, keeping it in perfect and tiptop condition must be your primary priority. Preventative maintenance is one of the proven ways to sustain its peak condition, making its components acceptable and the engine running smoothly. Aside from ensuring its performance, experts and skilled professionals can also help you catch problems before they develop into more severe vehicular issues, which can cause a heavy dent in your wallet. Moreover, these trained experts and their services can help you assess your battery life, engine status, fuel tank capacity, lights, tire status, and many more. If one part of your truck no longer functions as efficiently as before, you should replace it as early as possible.

Maintenance services can keep your fleet running without experiencing the hassle of breakdowns. No matter what you own, truck rental in Singapore, or your own commercial vehicle, here are some preventative maintenance tips to keep your lorry at its best functionality and performance.




Clean and unfiltered oil lubricates the engine and power the power of your lorry. Routine changing of engine oil plays a crucial role in your truck, especially if it’s a lorry rental in Singaporeor a second-hand unit. This service can help keep your wheels free from contamination of dust, mud, and debris coming from the environment and frequent engine use. If these specks of dirt enter your unit, your engine and vehicular performance are at risk.

When getting a used car for sale in Singapore, a van, or a lorry, ensure to ask for the manual and check how often should you get an oil change or replace the other parts. Generally, the average lifespan of an oil change for lorries ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 miles. However, getting oil change services varies on the brand, how often you use the vehicle, and other factors, such as environmental factors, frequent harsh acceleration, challenging terrain driving, high-temperature levels, or sandy or muddy grounds.


Aside from keeping your engine oil cleaned routinely, you should also regularly check the other fluid sources of your truck rental in Singapore, such as the engine coolant, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, windshield washer, and brake fluid. This changing process only takes a couple of minutes. Getting these services can help avoid severe problems, especially for trucks. Ensure to get these fluid tanks checked and cleaned as frequently as possible.

The frequency of changing your fluid tanks varies on a few factors, such as the weight or load of the goods your trucks carry, the way your drivers drive, the number of miles your vehicle has, and other road factors, such as city traffic, dusty or muddy roads, and long highways. When getting this service for your lorry rental in Singapore, seek a skilled technician first for assessment and inspection.



Whether you own a commercial van, pickup, or truck for sale in Singapore, you’re purposely using it for business. Generally, when companies use a vehicle for business, they often use it on a daily basis, exhausting the tires and engine. Rotating your tires is an essential service for large trucks or tractor-trailers, as it can help prolong the life and durability of your tires. It can also help improve the gas mileage of your lorry and reduce any vibration while driving. Besides engine assessment, ensure to check for the tire pressures too. Visit a technician for an evaluation of your tire pressure.


When driving a lorry rental in Singapore or a second-hand one, there are high chances that you carry a full load. And when you run with a heavy weight, your top priority is to ensure you can stop safely. Over time, the friction material of your tires and brakes becomes flimsier. Once it gets thinner, it produces weird sounds and odd vibrations. To get this fixed, frequently check your brakes and replace them when needed or when your brakes reach the minimum wear condition.


Getting a used truck for sale in Singaporehas used parts, but that doesn’t mean that its components do not function anymore. Some may work less efficiently, but you can always get services to maintain it in its tiptop condition. If you want to keep your engine running smoothly, cleaning the air filter is another solution, aside from the oil tank changes. A clean air filter can go a long way. It can also help reduce your fuel consumption.



When buying a used truck for sale in Singapore, it is essential to replace the core components before use. The parts that frequently wear out sooner must get regular replacement and assessment, such as the engine, tires, fuel tank, coolant system, brake, and air filter. By doing so, you are minimising the risks of engine failure and vehicular breakdowns while maximising your truck performance at the same time.


Lights are one of the critical factors of safe driving. When getting and driving a truck rental in Singapore, doa quick inspection of the exterior lighting. Check for burnt-out bulbs and cracked lighting covers, and replace them before you hit the road. Although most lorries utilise LED or halogen lights, which last longer, it is essential to have this frequently inspected and replaced if necessary. Aside from the headlights, check for other lighting running within your truck, such as hazard, brake, taillights, and signal lights.


Similar to how you visit your doctor for regular checkups, your truck also needs a visit to a technician. Truck maintenance is preventative care to keep your fleet running efficiently on the road. When you own a used truck for sale in Singaporeand utilise it for daily business purposes, it is crucial to keep your truck performance at its peak level. You can do this by regularly visiting a technician, including these tips in your list, and doing frequent inspections and assessments on your vehicle and its parts. These maintenance services can help sustain a good truck performance, making it less susceptible to vehicular breakdowns and running more efficiently and reliably.

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