Estrella Insurance: Finding the Best Auto Insurance in Miami, Florida 

Living in Miami, Florida makes you realize how diverse the community is. Some insurance companies take the time to educate you on all the options you have. Local carriers like Estrella Insurance will help you choose not only the cheapest rates, but also a top-rated company, no matter where in Florida you live.

Many people believe it is cheaper to purchase the minimum Personal Injury Protection without Bodily Injury Liability coverage. This is not always true. Often Insurance Companies will place you in a better tier with lower rates when you opt for carrying Bodily Injury Liability.

There are some benefits for maintaining basic Bodily Injury Liability limits on your Florida Auto Insurance policy beyond any mandatory filing. Many times, applicants are placed in a better tier with lower rates for carrying these limits. It’s also beneficial to carry these limits to protect from having your license suspended if you cause injuries in an at fault accident. Florida deems you having met the minimum requirements with 10/20/10 liability insurance.

When shopping for Florida Auto Insurance Quotes in Miami it’s important to know all your choices when deciding what type of policy is in your best interest.

Estrella Insurance Company

If you select A-rated Florida car insurance companies, you never have to worry about how your claim will be handled. At the time of renewal, you need to compare rates again to ensure that you are paying the lowest rate possible. That is why Estrella Insurance represents many different companies.

In order for the company to be competitive they know that representing various companies is in everyone’s best interest. You can be assured that the car insurance company you have is the best one for you. Upon every renewal they review your policy to maintain the lowest rate.

Representing only top-rated companies is another way they separate Estrella Insurance from the competition. They understand after having an accident you expect prompt, efficient service. As they know that, when an accident happens you need to feel completely secure in the knowledge that you have a competent and reliable auto and home insurance company in Florida . They represent the finest “A” rated companies.

Whether you live across the street from the insurance agency or across town they can take care of you by telephone, fax, or email. A personal visit to the insurance agency is not necessary but always welcomed. Either way, caring and professional staff members are always eager to assist. They never take their current clients for granted and always shop for them at each renewal.

Taking care of your Florida auto insurance needs is their number one priority. The agency is located in the heart of Miami, Florida, so they have many clients in that state including a lot of Latino residents. They know how much you enjoy living in Miami and other areas of Florida, and that’s why they take the time to make sure all of your Florida car insurance requirements are met.

They take the time to educate clients completely to help you make an informed decision about insuring your vehicle in Florida. Car insurance quotes in Miami are expensive and that is a fact. So, their second priority is making sure all discounts are applied. Your Estrella agent will spend the time necessary to uncover all discounts. Not every car insurance discount is as obvious as air bags or alarms.

Filing an SR22 form in Florida with Estrella Insurance

Advanced quoting and advanced placement are less known but save money too. This is just one way they differ from other insurance agencies in Miami, Florida. From their Miami office they represent many companies that specialize in Florida SR22 Insurance.

There are many reasons this type of insurance and its SR22 form filing is necessary. Accumulating too many points on a driver’s license or causing an accident without proper insurance in force are two examples of when an SR22 is required.  Keep in mind Bodily Injury liability is important regardless of having to file an SR22 with Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility.

Filing form SR22 in Florida after obtaining an insurance policy with the correct limits will prevent your Driver’s license from being suspended. At the time of application, it is important to let your agent know about your Florida SR22 License Reinstatement requirements.

The $15.00 Florida fee for filing the SR22 form from Estrella office is the same as anywhere else in the State. The factors that drive the cost significantly higher are the reasons for the mandatory filing. If you let your SR22 Florida Auto Insurance policy cancel, the State will be notified and your Drivers license will be suspended. After each time your driver’s license is suspended it’s more expensive to reinstate it.

Get the facts you need to know about Florida Sr22 License Reinstatement requirements. You can count on Estrella Insurance to assist you in keeping your Driver’s License from being suspended. If your license is currently suspended, they will help you reinstate it. Estrella Insurance can be your best insurance choice.

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