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10 years of return person would have imagined in his wildest dreams that a time will come when mobile phones will be achieved, even for a pushing pilot. Everything will be accessible on mobile devices. Invoices will be paid, the money would be transferred, online purchases made and the data will be stored on a single compact device called mobile phone. This is what we call a revolution in mobile technology. This radical change actually took us with a storm and turned our lives for good.

Mobile communication is increasing today by jumps and limits. The limits for a mobile can have become unfathomable. Its horizons widen continually and the bridge between people and technology is reduced. While anything, sports news, weather forecasts, social media were formerly available online, all are now available on mobiles. All this is due to the boom of mobile technology. Today, the world is connected to billions of users who make 80% of the world’s population. This means that only 20% of the world’s population remained intact from this mobile metamorphosis. This type of surge has been incomparable in human history so far.

Talking about India, we are the world’s second mobile market after China. We have the fastest growing market in terms of net subscribers added per month. The best part is that this quantum leap came not only from the urban sector, but also from the rural sector. GSM technology has become commonplace and we also have the highest conversation time consumption per user. In accordance with the cultural diversity of India, our mobiles are also multi-linguistic and multi-regional.

The introduction of value-added services (VAS) is guilty for this dive in mobile technology. Be music, literature, television or shops, mobile VAS has touched all aspects of our lives. Music downloads, innovative ring tones, captivating games, GPRS services, missed call alerts, mobile banks, etc. All part of the package are proposed by mobile companies. It will not hurt that these services are becoming a USP for companies that sell mobile phones. This mobile entertainment market has led to an evolution of mobile networks. There is no doubt that mobile service providers fully harvest the advantage of this trend and go to their banks laughing.

According to commercial analysts, the next big thing that already strikes the mobile market is social networking. Social media has become a global hub to discuss issues that affect the lives of people around the world. The customer has become a focal point around which the whole world marketing and campaigns are turning.

This mobile social network has simplified lives and connected different people. It has allowed a two-way communication model and has provided a platform to discuss global issues, events and brands. At a time when more people access the internet on mobiles rather than their computers, the marketing world also uses optimal use of this platform for its advertising and marketing campaigns.

In addition, apart from mobile service providers, these are mobile applications that consume this trend and offer more recent and innovative solutions for customers. Indeed, the time is mature for application developer companies to take advantage of the technology and put it at its optimal use.

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