Purchasing a Used BMW Bike: Physical Inspection and Test Drive

Spring is the perfect time to purchase a used bike. You will find a bike for sale everywhere you look. A lot of biker owners advertise their sale online and offline as they want to clean out their garage and get rid of an old bike that is taking up space. But, bikes for sale are also available in any season. A lot of bikes for sale include the BMW R-series. If you find a used bike that captures your attention, the next step is to look at it and contact the seller.

The following are some tips to keep in mind to make the pre-purchase inspection a bit smoother:

Physically Check the Bike

As you go over the bike, look for evidence it has been dropped. Often, the fairings, exhaust pipes, valve covers, handle levers, or bar-ends have scuffs and scrapes. Also, pay attention to flaws such as cracks in the frame and bent fork tubes. This could indicate that the bike has been wrecked. Lastly, look for any fluid leaks.

When purchasing a second-hand bike, you can check the VIN on any bike; however, you also depend on the seller’s word. You must evaluate the trustworthiness of the seller. Make sure to ask questions about the bike’s obvious flaws that you already know. This will help you see if the seller will lie or leave things out. When you check the VIN ensure it matches the one you got when you initially called the seller. And after establishing the bike’s character, take some notes on anything you think will impact your offer. While you try to be as detailed as possible, make note of your overall impression. After this, you can make basic safety checks before taking the bike for a test ride. Ensure the tyres, throttle, brakes, horn, lights, and clutch all work out.

Test Ride the Bike

When you start the BMW bike and check the idle, you would notice if there is a sputter or rattle that should not be there. During the test ride, keep an eye on the bike’s feel and the sounds it makes. A test ride can reveal a lot of the issues hidden during a physical inspection. Ensure the speedometer is working and check the dash lights. Open up the throttle at least once in second and in third gear. This way, you can see if the transmission pops out of gear or has trouble downshifting. Observe any pulsing or pulling while hitting the brakes.

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