Switching from Fixed Limit to No Limit Holdem

Due to its popularity and lucrative nature, a lot of people prefer to play No Limit, and these include those veterans of the Limit Holdem game. However, as even a cursory reading online will show, there are a lot of differences between the two, and you need to mull them over before you make the shift.

First of all, in Limit Holdem, drawing hands are often the winning hands. The reason is that the betting structure of the real money casinos game encourages more players to pay and see the flop. Because of the number of players on the board, the pot odds for the draw hands becomes stronger and therefore, more crucial.

In No Limit Holdem, you will focus more on your position and also in trying to reduce the hands that you will play with. The reason of course, is that playing with marginal cards can get you into trouble, because someone holding high hands can easily go all in.

Another thing that comes into play in No Limit are the implied odds. These are the bets and wagers that you believe will be made by the other players on the table in the succeeding streets. This is something that does not figure prominently in Limit Holdem, but here it is absolutely vital. This will definitely change the way you calculate pot odds, and you need to take this into account.

For this reason, learning to read the tendencies of your opponents is essential. In Limit Holdem, it is not as important, because the bets and calls that you will likely get can be calculated easily. In No Limit the all in option is always a threat and a weapon you can use.

In addition, deceptive plays, like semi bluffs and floating bets, are also more utilized in No Limit and you will want to learn them first before playing in high stakes best online casino usa games. In fixed limit games these tactics are not as necessary or used because players will call it down often, but when there is an all in option, the views and thinking of the players change.

These are some of the most fundamental differences between No Limit and Limit, and by understanding them, you will lay the groundwork for making the switch easier.

Players who make the shift without bothering to check these facts will encounter problems, and with the knowledge that you have gained, you will be able to take full advantage of their weaknesses and profit.

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