Personal Finance – How to Control Your Expenditures and Stay With Your Financial Plan

Even with a simple personal cash flow plan like four bucket financial systems, there are times when you may find it difficult to stay with your commitment. Many people find themselves working towards financial freedom and doing very well, just to slip one day and lose control over their expenses, and then everything decreases from there. In this article, we will see a simple strategy to stop overspinging so you can succeed with your simple personal cash flow plan and achieve financial freedom.

When Willpower fails you

Many people who give up for excessive believe they have a problem with willingness or by remaining discipline. However, it has been proven that we have something under our command which is much stronger than our strength … that one thing is our imagination. Every time there is a conflict between our will and our imagination, we will always default for what we focus on our imagination. Hypnosis calls this “Reverse Securities Law,” and this law that holds the key to be disciplined to remain with your financial plan.

For example, if you constantly imagine yourself having a big screen TV, but you tell yourself that you can’t buy it because it’s not part of your financial plan, your imagination will eventually win. The same applies when it comes to a diet, if you imagine something you know you can’t eat and tell yourself that you can’t eat it, in the end you will give up. Again, there will be no contest for the desire that arises through imagination. So, if you want to stay on track with your simple personal cash flow plan, you must call the imagination for your help.

What will you focus?

So now you know that your actions are most affected by what you focus on your imagination … So what will you focus? Next time you get “the urge to splurge,” Change your focus immediately to the long-term financial results you want to achieve. For example, if your goal is to get out of debt, imagine yourself sending the last check, cut the last credit card or receive the title for your car from a financial company. When you do this, focus on the feeling of freedom you have to know that you are much closer to financial freedom.

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