Underestimated Vehicles: Big Advantages of Small Cars

Most often, the size is the first thing an ordinary citizen decides on when buying a car, followed by the brand, class, engine, and comfort options. However, the right algorithm for choosing a vehicle, described by the Indy Auto Man used car dealership, confirms that size is not the main decisive factor.

People in the US tend to neglect small cars because they believe these vehicles are for teenagers, while women, and even more so men, should drive something larger. But if one puts aside prejudices, a small car will be an ideal means of transportation for at least half of the inhabitants of states like Indiana.

When size does not matter

Not every small model is cramped inside, and not every large one is spacious enough. This paradox especially applies to modern cars equipped with thick doors and roof pillars due to passive safety requirements. Today’s designers also like to ennoble the interior with massive panels, overlays, and built-in compartments for small items, niches, etc. There is nothing you can do about this.

The 4×4 drive system also takes away useful space; because of it, the trunk volume of many rather large crossovers can only compete with the capacity of city hatchbacks. And even if you choose a single-wheel drive crossover package, the trunk will still have a high floor – most often, the body of both versions is the same.

The layout and possibilities for transforming the interior also does not add to the spaciousness. In many large models, the front and rear seats, dashboard, and center console are designed to accommodate each person in a kind of cockpit. They are comfortable to sit, and everything is accessible, but there is no feeling of space and freedom, and movement around the cabin is hampered due to deeply molded cushions, a transmission tunnel on the floor, consoles, and armrests. This applies not only to sports cars but also to many premium sedans and crossovers.

Better assortment of attractive options

It is easier to find a small car on the secondary market in good technical condition. The point here is not that compacts are more reliable, but simply they usually have smaller mileage. As a rule, such models are bought as a second car for the family or used exclusively for driving around the city. That is, you can buy a compact auto for the same money in slightly better condition than its full-size counterpart.

More freedom in the city

The owner of such a vehicle will get the ease of movement in a big city like Indianapolis thanks to a better-turning radius. The shorter and narrower the car, the easier all the maneuvers are. Whether on the road or when parking in tight yards, a small vehicle outperforms a full-size one. You have to park in the city several times every day, not once a year when you go with seven people in the cabin and a trunk full of belongings into the countryside.

No sacrifice in comfort

Traveling in a small car does not always mean being uncomfortable. For example, a Toyota Prius is more convenient for a city dweller due to its dimensions, and a Toyota RAV4 is more appropriate for speed lovers due to its powerful engine. After all, small vehicles often lack power even to quickly accelerate in city traffic. But all the complaints are about the engine power and not about the space in the cabin. When you drive alone or with two people in a car, there will be enough space in almost any model.

It turns out that the advantages of owning a compact vehicle outweigh the disadvantages. Of course, this is only relevant for those who spend most of their time in a Megapolis. For those who live outside the city in a house with a garage and go to work in an office with spacious parking, there is no point in buying a small car.

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