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The technology that has evolved in the 1990s brings two important changes that will reshape existing network computing in what is increasingly known as Mobile Computing.

Mobile computing is the concept of being able to connect to a friend’s family and the office at any time and in any place and to have full access to information and resources. If you need to consider the web as the largest information system distributed today, it would be natural to add mobility to the web. In recent years, a lot of research and development took place to provide a “mobile web”. Mobile computing is one of the hottest areas of development today. This has become evident with the smartphone industry boom with developments such as I-phone and N95. Mobile computing is not completely new and exists for some time and has been accessible by the smaller PCs and PDA for many years.

It has not until recently that the full power of the Internet has been available in a mobile format. Today, you have many options to connect and access information via the Internet or even through your own network configurations. You can now be really connected wherever and you need to have instant information.
Mobile computing is no longer a “ladder” version of networking capabilities.

While the continuous wireless communication of Boom Media and the mobility of computers will create new problems in networking, operating systems and information systems. Equipment and software go through fast and incredible changes. Follow the desires and needs of the mobile IT population will keep this technology area on its toes for years to come.

These technologies change considerably our daily lives, with the popularity of small devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smartphone, we now have internet to our tips 24 hours a day.

Reducing the energy consumed at the use of these devices, will be and is being considered the next big challenge. The need to extend the life of the batteries that allow them to be a major concern and reduce their weight will be a major design step in these systems. Mobile computing has increased from around 25% in 1998 to more than 65% in 2008 and the trend seems to have even greater growth in the coming years.

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