Preparing for Travel

Traveling to another country can have its own hazards. Your own health changes all the time and it is a good idea to get a checkup before you go on a long trip where it will be difficult to get medical care. It is also important to consult the centers for disease control website for information on infections that may be ongoing in your destination country. This site will also provide you up to date information on any vaccines you may need and also things you may need to bring with you.

If you do get sick abroad personal physicians worldwide & international association for assistance to travelers are resources you can use as well as your adoption agency. There are clinics available in most large cities, which specialize in persons traveling abroad, and they can be a valuable resource to you and your physician about what you can expect. Also speaking with the adoption agency and with other people who have made the same trip is useful.

Travel bags

Large pieces of luggage should be checked through, and since you’ll be traveling with your child, you don’t need any extra carry-on luggage if you can help it. The bag you carry should accommodate your paperwork, personal items, medical supplies, camera(s), and toys. If you’re traveling alone, make a test run with everything you anticipate carrying, including your child’s weight, to make sure you can handle it.

1) Security pouch/bag

These cloth bags can be worn under the clothes on a cord around the neck for safety. They are ideal for carrying money, your passport, visas, and tickets – items that you cannot afford to lose while traveling.

2) Ladies’ soft-sided briefcase/handbag

A soft-sided briefcase that doubles as a handbag is my favorite travel bag when carrying personal items and papers. It will handle copies of your dossier and other documents, a camera, a couple of toys, a few books, and some emergency first aid supplies.

3) Men’s soft-sided briefcase

Similar to the briefcase above, for a man.

4) Ladies’ three-way backpack

Depending on your needs, a three-way backpack might be the ideal choice as you move along your journey. Use it as a shoulder bag, a traditional backpack, or a regular handbag. It’s got plenty of room.

5) Backpack/diaper bag

If you’re adopting a younger child, this type of best au online casino offers space for diapers and baby care items, as well as a diaper changing pad. Side pockets are specially sized and waterproofed to hold bottles, and there’s enough room for your personal items. On the way there, use it as a regular backpack and keep the baby supplies in your checked luggage; on the way home, it carries everything you’ll need for baby care.

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