Best Time to Buy a Car

The end of the year is usually the best time to buy a car. There are many reasons for it. Dealerships aim to meet their sales goals in order to receive their year-end bonuses. By mid-December, if the sales targets aren’t met, dealers as they get more desperate start offering fast paying casinos deeper discounts on their vehicle’s inventory. The last week of the year is when consumers often can take advantage of the lowest car prices.

Where are the best deals?

Good deals usually exist for older models and types of vehicles that haven’t sold off during the year.
By the end of 2013, dealers have a lot of small and mid-size sedans, SUVs and trucks.

That’s where the largest discounts can be had. Normally, it’s possible to negotiate a 5% discount, but in December you can get 8-10% off the sticker.

Things to Consider

Discounts do depend on your particular local area. For example, if Washington DC, Toyota is offering $1,750 off on a midsize Camry.

Determine how many cars you can afford
Check out the best car deals online for your geographic area
Compare costs with this car price calculator
Remember that December 2013 car has less value than January 2014’s make
Learn how to inspect a used car before buying it
Consider trading in your used car or even leasing a car
If you need auto financing, know these 5 things before applying for a car loan!

Auto Loans

The best auto loan opportunities don’t just happen. They come to those who hunt them down and make it happen. As a consumer, the scales are tipped in your favor. Lenders are in a position where they need to make loans and they’re willing to do more bending than ever before in order to get your business. You can’t go at it like a complete newbie though. Arm yourself by knowing which lender is offering what terms – what the length of the loan is and what the interest rate is. That way, you can get the best auto loan by making these companies go head to head in order to get your business. Now, will you run into some hard cases who have forgotten where their bread and butter is?

Sure, but that’s not common. Lenders understand it’s still a competitive market and if they can’t create the terms you want, the guy down the road will. But you won’t know this if you don’t do a little footwork before you try for the loan. Understand that the best auto loan might not be for you if your work and credit history are shaky. If you have bad credit, most lenders will see this as having you over a barrel and won’t feel like they have to do any give. That’s why it’s best if you know you’re going to be in the market to buy a car, either save for a down payment or try to polish up your credit.

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