Easy Steps to Follow When Your Car Breaks Down

A car breakdown is a very nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’re on the way to something important. It is easy to lose your calm, which can damage your car and, worse, lead to an accident. To make sure you can stay composed so you can make the best decisions relating to the incident, heed these tips.

Move your car to a safe location.

With approximately 16,438 car crashes happening daily in the U.S., ensuring the safety of everyone is certainly the protocol. If driving on the highway, it is important to be sensitive to your car and any failure symptoms. An abrupt acceleration, deceleration, or halt can put you and others at risk of a crash. The moment you see signs of a problem, navigate your car to a safe location, as far away from traffic as possible. Change lanes like you would normally, making use of your turn signals and mirrors. If you need to choose between a straight path or a curve on the road, it is often better to choose the former, so cars behind can easily see you. After your vehicle has completely stopped, put your car in park mode and put on the e-brake.

Make your car visible

Making sure other drivers can easily see your car is essential, especially if the breakdown happens at night. This is even more critical if it was impossible to move your vehicle to the side of the road. You can do this by turning on your warning lights, hazard lights, or using a hazard triangle. Should you need the police to come by and help, tying a white cloth to your car’s radio antenna or door handle will catch their attention.

Check for easy repairs

A faulty battery causes most breakdowns. If your car has been challenging to start and the red battery light in the display is flickering, this is a signal that your battery needs to be checked and replaced. If your battery was replaced not long ago, but there are already problems with your wipers and lights, it’s worth checking the alternator. Although these problems are usually not easy to repair on your own, having a spare wheel for a flat tire concern can be a DIY problem.

Call a tow truck

Depending on the nature of breakdown, your vehicular trouble may be critical or not. Some of the critical issues include tires that skid due to worn-out tread, brake failures, and steering issues. If you have problems with any of these, changing lanes is discouraged. When you’re in the middle of nowhere or a busy road, the need to quickly fix it is magnified. In these cases, you will need the help of a towing Pompano Beach company to take your car to safety swiftly. There are around 229,000 repair shops in the U.S., and these towing services will take your paralyzed vehicle for repair.

According to the American Automobile Association in 2017, four out of ten Americans are unprepared for break down situations. If the situation overwhelms you, simply call a trusted towing company, and they will know how to help you.



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